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Movie Name: Black Adam
Year of Release 2022
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Black Adam release date 21, October 2022.

Teth Adam was gifted with the gods’ great abilities in ancient Kahndaq. He was imprisoned after utilising his talents for revenge, becoming Black Adam. After over 5,000 years, Black Adam has evolved from man to myth to legend. Now that he is free, his particular brand of justice, born of wrath, is opposed by Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone, members of the Justice Society.

What is the story of Black Adam film?

Warner Bros. has designated 2022 and 2023 as important years for DC Comics, with plans to make many films based on its comic book franchises. Movies based on characters like as Batman, The Flash, Blue Beetle, and Aquaman, with Krypto the Super-Dog even starring in his own animated picture. However, one film sticks out: Black Adam, which will concentrate on one of the company’s villains and may drastically change the DCEU. Unlike the Joker, who has his own feature picture, Black Adam is a relatively obscure figure to general audiences.

Nonetheless, with Dwayne Johnson scheduled to feature in the picture (claiming that he was “born to play” Black Adam) and the last major Warner Bros. film planned to release in 2022, the company is banking big on Black Adam to be a significant part in the series moving forward. Here are the character’s comic book origins, his supporting cast, past media interpretations, the route to the big screen, and everything else you need to know about Black Adam before it hits cinemas.

While Black Adam was initially a villain in Shazam, he has formed a vast cast of supporting characters of his own, mirroring the family Billy Batson has created in his heroic role. The most noteworthy is Adriana Tomaz alias Isis, who was inspired by the main character of The Secrets of Isis, which aired on 1970s television as the second part of the Shazam!/Isis hour.

She is a young Egyptian lady that Black Adam frees, and she ultimately transforms his perspective on the world and influences him to do better things. The two fall in love, and during their wedding, he bestows on her a bracelet endowed with the powers of the goddess Isis. The role will be performed by Sarah Shahi in the film.

Amon Tomaz, Isis’ brother, who becomes the figure Osiris, is another major character. He obtains his abilities by speaking Black Adam’s name after the ruler bestows him with healing abilities. While not featured in the film, young actor Bodhi Sabongui has been cast in the film, and on the CW television series Legends of Tomorrow, he portrayed a young Bernard, the Arrowverse counterpart of the Amon Tomaz character, so that’s an interesting connection.

The character also has a problematic relationship with other Justice Society of America members, serving as both an ally and an adversary to them, a storyline aspect that seems to be a big component of the future film and may potentially lead to spin-off ventures.

Black Adam’s journey to the big screen has been intertwined with that of Shazam!, since the character was often envisioned as the film’s major enemy. In 2000, New Line Cinema was developing a Shazam! picture, with Peter Segal scheduled to helm.

After working with Dwayne Johnson on the film Get Smart, Segal approached the actor about playing the main hero, but Johnson expressed interest in playing the villainous Black Adam and has been circling the role since 2007, implying that Johnson has been attached to the role of Black Adam for longer than the MCU has existed.

Johnson was formally introduced as Black Adam in the DCEU in 2014, and the initial idea was for him to be the villain in the then-upcoming Shazam! However, when Johnson’s star power rose, Warner Bros. opted to separate Black Adam from Shazam!, with the villain having his own standalone picture that would ultimately lead to a crossover between the two characters.

After just a few short teasers, a trailer for Black Adam was released in June 2022. It looks that Black Adam will cross paths with the DCEU’s Justice Society of America, which will include Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan), Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell), and Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo). Toy leaks have suggested that actor Marwan Kenzari would portray the villain Sabbac. Sabbac will play Ishmael Gregor, the head of the criminal group Intergang, who is possessed by a demon, causing Black Adam and the Justice Society to work together.

It is also unknown at what point in the DCEU this film takes place. While the Justice Society has typically served as a forerunner to the Justice League, the squad now seems to have been founded after and may be working for Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), returning her character from 2016’s Suicide Squad, 2021’s The Suicide Squad, and the Peacemaker television series. With Black Adam due out before Shazam! Fury of the Gods, there’s a potential it’ll end up previewing that feature and a probable clash between the two comic book adversaries.

When is the release date of Black Adam film?

Teth Adam was gifted with the gods’ great abilities in ancient Kahndaq. He was imprisoned after utilising his talents for revenge, becoming Black Adam. After over 5,000 years, Black Adam has evolved from man to myth to legend. Now that he is free, his particular brand of justice, born of wrath, is opposed by Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone, members of the Justice Society.

The much-anticipated film Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson will be released in Indian theatres on October 21, one day before its worldwide premiere.

What is the Budget in Black Adam movie?

One of the most anticipated comic book movies of 2022 is Black Adam. The film has an ensemble cast of Hollywood stars. Black Adam’s release date, cast, narrative, director, budget, trailer, and other details are provided below.

According to a reputable source, the production budget for Dwayne Johnson’s “Black Adam” is between $185 and $200 million, excluding P&A fees. Additionally, it is one of the more costly 2022 DC movies. “Black Adam” was created in collaboration with the production firms New Line Cinema, DC Films, and Seven Bucks Production.

What is the about Black Adam movie?

The character Black Adam first debuted in the Fawcett Comics Era in The Marvel Family #1 in December 1945 by authors Otto Binder and C.C. Beck. Black Adam is an ancient Egyptian called Teth-Adam who is picked to be the wizard’s successor by the wizard, but later chooses Billy Batson instead owing to his perceived moral purity. When he shouts the word ‘Shazam,’ he is converted into Black Adam, and he uses his abilities to slay the pharaoh and seize the throne, for which the Wizard banishes him to a faraway star.

Black Adam spends the next 5,000 years travelling back to Earth, where he battles Billy Batson, who convinces him by repeating the word “Shazam,” returning him to Teth-Adam and killing him due to 5,000 years of agglomeration.

Their comic book JSA concentrated on the character’s old-fashioned and militant principles of justice, as well as his extremely opinionated personality, which set him apart from other characters. He briefly served as a member of the Justice Society of America and has appeared in many important DC stories, including Infinite Crisis, 52, Forever Evil, and Doomsday Clock. Following the recent DC continuity shake-up in the Infinite Frontier tale, Black Adam has officially joined the Justice League.

Who is the cast of Black Adam movie?

Cast and Crew:-
Name / Movie character Name

  1. Dwayne Johnson /Black Adam
  2. Sarah Shahi /Isis
  3. Noah Centineo /Atom Smasher
  4. Pierce Brosnan /Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson)
  5. Jennifer Holland /Emilia Harcourt
  6. Quintessa Swindell /Cyclone
  7. Aldis Hodge /Hawkman
  8. Henry Cavill
  9. Mohammed Amer
  10. Joseph Gatt /Squad Leader
  11. Zachary Levi
  12. Angel Rosario Jr. /Mercenary 1#
  13. Viola Davis Amanda Waller
  14. Bodhi Sabongui /Amon
  15. Marwan Kenzari /Sabbac
  16. Uli Latukefu
  17. Djimon Hounsou /Shazam
  18. James Cusati-Moyer
  19. Jalon Christian
  20. Rahiem Riley /Foreign Resident
  21. Odelya Halevi
  22. Tre Ryan /Mercenary
  23. Natalia Guslistaya /Revolutionary Mercenary #1
  24. Patrick Sabongui
  25. Shiquita James
  26. Derek Russo /Russian Mercenary
  27. Chaim Girafi /Djau
  28. Donny Carrington /Checkpoint Mercenary #1
  29. Christopher Matthew Cook /Merc
  30. Cameron Moir /Helicopter Pilot
  31. Tang Nguyen /Mercenary #2
  32. Stephan Jones /Commander
  33. Stephen Jones
  34. Mike Senior
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