Shabaash Mithu Movie review

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Movie Name: Shabaash Mithu
Time-Duration:- 2h 36m
Year of Release 2022
Watch options Netflix:- Shabaash Mithu

Shabaash Mithu release date July 15, 2022.

What is the story of Shabaash Mithu film?

It’s unusual to have biopics about Indian women who are pioneers in sports presented in theatres, thus it’s unfortunate that “Shabaash Mithu” mishandles the genuine account of cricket player Mithali Raj. The acting is poor, the editing is shoddy, and the movie is bloated and syrupy. Additionally, “Shabaash Mithu” will try the patience of anyone hoping to watch an inspiring narrative portrayed in an interesting fashion because it is unnecessarily long at 156 minutes.

“Shabaash Mithu,” which was written and directed by Priya Aven, spans the years 1990 to 2017. Viewers will feel like they have aged along with the people in the movie because of how long the film drags on. One of “Shabaash Mithu’s” main weaknesses is how long it spends detailing Raj’s upbringing and reiterating how she was underrated as a cricket player (even by her family) only because she was a woman. (In Gujarati, “Shabaash Mithu” means “well done, delicious”).

The opening scene of “Shabaash Mithu” takes place in 1990, and it makes a questionable artistic choice by focusing on Noorie (Katuri Jagnam), a character Mithali has the same age with and who would go on to become her best friend. Noorie and other neighbourhood boys are playing soccer in the first scene of the film. Then Noorie’s mother chastises her for acting and dressing more like a girl.

The audience soon learns that Noorie has a close friend named Mithali Raj, also known as Mithu, who is played by Inayat Verma. Cricket is a sport that Mithali’s younger brother Mithun Raj (played by Nishant Pradhan) plays. Noorie and Mithali soon express a desire to play cricket with the guys. The males typically make fun of and avoid the girls for trying to participate in these cricket matches.

Noorie is extremely feisty, sarcastic, and capable of causing as much trouble as she receives. She calls one of the lads “fatso” when he treats her badly and then fights with him and a few of the other males. While Mithali is more reticent and quiet, she yet believes that she has an equal right to learn how to play cricket as the males do. Since she is aware that her family believes that only boys and men should play cricket, Mithali maintains her hobby a secret from them.

Living arrangements for Mithali and her brother include their father Dorai Raj (Sameer Dharmadhikari), mother Leela Raj (Devadarshini), and maternal grandmother. These family members believe that Mithun will be the one to break out as a professional athlete. When cricket coach Sampath (played by Vijay Raaz) visits them and claims to have seen Mithali play cricket and be interested in having Mithali (not Mithun) train at the Reyes Cricket Academy for kids, they are taken aback.

Mithun, the older sibling, is disappointed and a touch resentful that he wasn’t selected for this prestigious institution. Mithali’s grandma and mom don’t think she has what it takes to become a cricket great. Coach Sampath eventually persuades the family members to allow Mithali to enrol at the Reyes Cricket Academy, where Noorie has also been accepted as a student, after much pleading. Mithali finally chops off her lengthy braids at Noorie’s advice so that her hair won’t obstruct her from playing cricket.

The movie should have spent no more than ten minutes on this aspect of Mithali’s upbringing, but instead it meanders on with sequences that account for almost thirty minutes of the picture. In 1997, when Mithali (Taapsee Pannu) and Noorie (Anushree Kushwaha) are 15 years old and still receiving coaching from Sampath at the Reyes Cricket Academy, the story then jumps ahead. Sampath is still Mithali and Noorie’s instructor. Both girls hope to play cricket professionally in the future.

Even though Noorie and Mithali are still the closest of friends, their relationship is irrevocably altered when Noorie, at 15, declares that her father has arranged for her to get married. As a result, Noorie must leave the academy and stop playing cricket altogether. As Noorie was the one who initially piqued Mithali’s interest in cricket, Mithali is saddened and feels abandoned by her.

When is the release date of Shabaash Mithu film?

In the film based on the life of Mithali Raj, the former Test and ODI captain of the Indian women’s cricket team, Taapsee Pannu portrays the title role. It depicts both Mithali’s great peaks and terrible times in life. The film had its premiere on July 15, 2022.

The film’s creators have not yet announced a Shabaash Mithu release date. The title of the film is The Unheard Story of Women in Blue. This film is being directed by Srijit Mukherji, while Priya Aven wrote the screenplay. Viacom 18 Studious is funding this film under its own name.

What is the Budget in Shabaash Mithu movie?

Ajit Andhare is the producer of the brand-new sports biopic Shabaash Mithu. On July 15, 2022, the film made its debut. Taapsee Pannu was picked last after Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra was first considered for the part. You must be eager to see the movie Shabaash Mithu if you are also interested in it. Here is all the information you need to know about the newest sports biopic, including its box office performance.

The film’s plot traces the life path of Mithali Raj, a former Test and ODI captain. On June 8, 2022, the illustrious player, who had a dazzling 23-year career, announced her retirement from all international cricket competitions. She promoted the film throughout its promotion with Taapsee, but regrettably, it didn’t do well at the box office.

The total budget for the film Shabaash Mithu is believed to be 39 crores.

What is the about Shabaash Mithu movie?

There are far too many instances in “Shabaash Mithu” when members of the men’s team (who just so happen to be around) are applauded and congratulated while the women’s squad is ignored and treated with contempt in airports and other public settings. Indian cricket officials determine that the women’s squad must wear outdated attire that was previously used by the men’s team, with the men’s last names remaining on the back of the jerseys, since Mithali and her team had been treated with such disdain. You know the women’s squad will collectively pull off their shirts in a gesture of defiance and feminine pride at this point in the movie.

There is a lot of gratuitous video of Mithali acting like a women’s rights activist and doing things like marching into offices and demanding respect from a group of decision-makers who are all males. The cheesy acting and terrible wording just serve to accentuate how corny each of these moments already is. And due of the terrible editing, a significant portion of the film simply drags on and on. Lacking any sense of self-awareness about how awful everything is or how disrespectful it is to the real Mithali Raj, who definitely wasn’t that vacuous and dull in real life, “Shabaash Mithu” is a pile-on of cheesy clichés.

What happens to all the cricket matches now? It is clear from the choppy editing in “Shabaash Mithu” that the performers don’t really know how to play cricket. The film’s momentum doesn’t really get up until the last third, which features footage of the 2017 Women’s World Cup finals, which is where it should have been for the whole time it was showing these cricket matches. However, it’s already too late at that point Many viewers who had the stamina to go through this emotionally draining ordeal to the very finish would have lost interest by then.

Who is the cast of Shabaash Mithu movie?

Cast and Crew:-

  1. Taapsee Pannu /Mithali Raj
  2. Mumtaz Sorcar /Jhulan Goswami
  3. Shilpi Marwaha /Sukumari Marwaha
  4. Inayat Verma /Young Mithali
  5. Vijay Raaz /Sampath
  6. Devadarshini /Leela Raj
  7. Asad Ali Palijo
  8. R Bhakti Klein
  9. Brijendra Kala /BCCI Main Person
  10. Sameer Dharmadhikari /Dorai Raj
  11. Sampa Mandal /Nilu Paswan
  12. Titeeksha Tawade /Khushi Anvekar
  13. Gautam Bhimani
  14. A. Sreekar Prasad
  15. Geeta Aggarwal Sharma
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